Biodyne Co., Ltd.

BiodyneBiodyne-h has contributed to the early diagnosis of cancer through screening enhancement. We continuously research and develop so as to improve the efficiency of our unique technology for a liquid-based cytology system for cancer diagnosis.

Biodyne has developed the next generation of liquid base cytology and obtained a patent for a liquid-based cytology system designed to be a fully-automated cancer diagnosis process. Specific reagents were created in 2005 and 2006. Biodyne is renowned as the first company in Korea to develop and obtain a patent for this system and still remains as the sole supplier of automatic equipment in Korea. The reagents for cancer diagnosis are also manufactured with patent technology in a fully automated sanitized facility that meets government regulations.

Biodyne’s representative products, Cellprep – a Liquid-Based Cytology system and the accompanying reagents have already proved to be of outstanding quality when compared to other well-known imported equipment within the global medical market. This has been made possible through on-going proactive research by prominent doctors and scholars both in Korea and abroad. Biodyne products are the result of dedicated efforts in realizing both a productive and economic efficient culture within the company. At Biodyne, professionals are putting their talent and potential together so as to create products that far exceed the requirements of customers. The motivation that drives our professionals to constantly strive to develop better reagents for enhanced cell smear and preservation is to keep a promise. This promise is to strive to be the best at realizing a healthier world while endeavouring to be a moral standard to guide others in the field. Such a goal cannot be reached by simply pursuing profits alone.



Liquid-Based Cytology System

Cellprep LBC System is Liquid-Based Cytology system that uses Blowing Technology. It is an innovative cancer diagnosis system that system slides according to condition of specimens and the characteristic of cells which allows easy screening.

Cellprep PLUS 4.63 LBC System Disintegrated type with separate Main Body and Sub Body (Air Pressure Tank)

Cellprep Auto LBC System Cellprep AUTO LBC System automatically processes 40 samples simultaneously.

Cellprep Consumable Kits

Cellprep consumable kits are composed of 4 different types of solutions and filter to enable a more effective and efficient test according to the characteristics of collected specimens. Additional solutions are used to achieve a higher quality slide and are used in about 5~10% of total specimens.

Cellprep consumable kits are composed of 4 different types of solutions

  • Cervical Solution
  • Respiratory Tract Solution
  • Urine*CSF Solution
  • Body Fluid*FNA Solution

Cellprep Additional Solutions

  • Cellprep Dilute Solution
  • Cellprep Gyn Lysis Solution
  • Cellprep Non-Gyn Lysis Solution


  • Membrane Filter

Brush & Slide

  • Cellprep Cervical Brush
  • Cellprep Adhesion (coated) Microscope Slide