Unitma Co., Ltd.

Unitma-hUnitma Co., Ltd. has developed the premade recipient blocks with the paraffin plus special material. With applying the premade recipient blocks, Unitma could offer the users to save the considerable time and labor cost in preparation of the desired recipient blocks manually prior to starting TMA work.

Based on the core technology, Unitma developed the manual tissue microarrayer called Quick Ray and has been supplying the manual kit with the premade recipient blocks to over 650 customers throughout the world.

Furthermore, Unitma launched the fully automated tissue microarrayers (Quick Ray Master) in 2010, and is possible to offer the best solution for the digital histology.

Recently Unitma also launched the paraffin block trimmer which can trim the paraffin residues around the paraffin blocks without any damages to the sample tissues and without any injuries during the trimming work by the conventional way.

Today, Unitma is continuously developing new technologies to change existing research environment in the labs.