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Agilent Dako is owned by Agilent Technologies. Hospitals and research laboratories worldwide use Agilent’s Dako reagents, instruments, software and expertise to make accurate tissue-based diagnoses and determine the most effective treatment for cancer patients.

Agilent Technologies acquired Dako in 2012.

Founded in 1966 by Danish medical doctor Niels Harboe Dako’s products quickly earned its reputation for being innovative and of high quality.

Dako’s products have continuously raised the standards for cancer diagnostics introducing pharmDx, Special Stains, Image Analysis and Pathology Workflow.

Agilent’s Dako products are manufactured in Glostrup, Denmark and Carpinteria, California, USA.

When a person is confronted with a possible cancer diagnosis, a biopsy is performed and tissue is taken out. The tissue is tested in a pathology lab and a report is generated. The report confirms or rules out a cancer diagnosis and determines the ‘stages’ or to what extent the cancer has spread. Treatment options are found by information on the size, shape and appearance of the tissue under a microscope. Dako provides the antibodies; reagents and instruments enabling physicians choose the right form of treatment, the first time. Helping doctors help their patients.


Dako delivers world class diagnostic reagents, kits and instruments for fast and accurate answers for cancer patients and doctors making vital decisions for treatment. Linking know-how, reagents and instruments for improving the quality and accuracy of the test results. High-quality antibodies, kits, instruments and software mean that Dako deliver a complete solution for pathology laboratories. Dako’s products are the result of 40 years’ experience ensuring quality and innovation in antibodies and reagents: the genesis of the pathology lab of tomorrow.

Virtual Dako Pathology Lab


Our state-of-the-art H&E solution fully automates every step of the hematoxylin and eosin staining process. Providing the operational flexibility to meet laboratories’ special needs,

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Our immunohistochemistry products provide high staining quality, improved standardization and increased efficiency enabling the ultimate goal of increased patient safety.

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Artisan Link Special Staining System is our first instrument to provide true walk-away automation for complex special stains. A slide barcode reader standardizes and increases the speed of slide processing,

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Our pharmDx Solution is a portfolio of all-in-one pharmDx kits that lead to optimal diagnostic results within companion diagnostics.

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Fluorescence and Chromogenic In Situ Hybridization (FISH and CISH) techniques are used to localize specific nucleic acid sequences within the DNA in cells in tissues or cytological preparations,

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Primary Antibodies are intended for use on tissue sections.

Polyclonal antibodies are provided as whole serum, Ig fractions, F(ab’)2 fragments or affinity isolated.

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Our Specific Proteins product portfolio includes a comprehensive range of polyclonal primary antibodies for miscellaneous purposes particularly for turbidimetry, nephelometry and ELISA.

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Our extensive range of reagents for flow cytometry are compatible with most flow cytometry instruments. The antibody/fluorochrome range includes FITC, RPE, APC, RPE-Cy5, Pacific Blue and PerCP reagents.

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Dako offers polyclonal, monoclonal and conjugated antibodies in bulk; either off-the-shelf or customized. In addition, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of assays for turbidimetry and nephelometry platforms.

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